госкино: Kronstadt Dreamin’

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госкино: Kronstadt Dreamin’

Olympia, Washington is a relatively small city that sits comfortably right between Seattle and Portland, Oregon off the I-5 corridor. It may be quaint, but somehow Washington’s state capitol fosters a lush, eclectic and crossbred music scene. Unlike the two aforementioned metropolises, virtually all of the bands Olympia produces are generally free of pretension and posturing.

For fear of forgetting someone, let’s forgo making a list and present Olympia’s newest export as evidence. Underneath this new supergroup’s Russian moniker, which is a distinction given to propaganda films that translates to “government film,” sits members who were/are in The Need, The Bangs, Tight Bros From Way Back When, Nudity, Christian Mistress and so on.

Their debut record, Kronstadt Dreamin’, is being released unto the world by Adult Fantasy Records, also based in Olympia (natch). A one man operation steered by Reuben Storey, drummer for Christian Mistress and bassist for Quayde LaHüe. Adult Fantasy has released a slew of great tapes of underground Olympia acts like Moldy Castle and Cosmic Higness. The label hasn’t missed a beat yet, and this new project is definitely keeping the train rolling.

The band slings an array of punk, pop and rock influences that meet magically on Kronstadt Dreamin’. They offer quirky keys alongside crunchy riffs, and sneering, sassy vocals on every track akin to Dave Vanian of The Damned. “Rebels Rule” follows the structure and progression of The Runaways’ “California Paradise” almost to a fault. The main guitar riff on “Delirious” sounds like it was pinched from Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols. All eight tracks have obscenely catchy, pogo inducing choruses and gang vocals as well. There’s also a cheeky Turbonegro and Electric Six vein that runs goofy throughout the record.

According to Reuben, the band started as a glam rock cover band with some Soviet kitsch. Their initial gig was opening for a film festival viewing of Velvet Goldmine. Now that they’re a full-fledged working band, if Kronstadt Dreamin’ is a window into their future, you might want to turn off the talking heads and start getting all of your Russkie news from these kids instead.


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