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We’re still here. We’ve survived the decline of print and made our home online. We resisted the pivots to video and an overreliance on social platforms. We’ve taken big swings that nearly sunk us (but were damn fun to try) like the Paste Rock n Reel festival, the Paste DVD and the overly luxurious Paste Quarterly. But those big swings also produced the original Paste Sampler, Paste Studio Sessions, Obamicon and the internet’s first streaming guides. Most recently we’ve gambled on providing a home that cares about the tremendous writing and important legacy of three other great websites—Jezebel, Splinter and now, AV Club.

But the current state of online journalism is bleak, and we can’t do this depending on declining ad revenues alone. We need your help, and that’s why we’re asking you to consider subscribing to Paste. So many of you have kept us going in the past, from your original subscriptions to the print magazine, to the Save Paste Campaign that accidentally helped invent crowdfunding, to the mPlayer and our short-lived return to the world of physical media.

For $8/month or $80 for the year, we’re offering a new subscriber-only feature every day, including the return of Film School, our Time Capsule reviews of classic albums, the Hear Me Out column defending pieces of pop culture that have gotten a bad rap, the TV MVP highlighting an overlooked performance on the small screen and much, much more. We’ve also brought back our comments section for you to continue the conversation right on our site. 

Subscribers will also be able to connect with Paste staffers on our new Discord channel during group watches of big moments in pop culture and get first notice of any Paste events in your area. And you’ll get a super comfortable Paste T-shirt (white logo on navy background) and—if you sign up for a year—a sweet embroidered Paste ball cap. Plus if you sign up before June 1, you’ll get your first month free or a $20 discount off your first year.

If you value the articles you’ve read from Paste over the years—Jim Vorel’s takes on bad movies and good bourbon, Matt Mitchell’s in-depth profiles of your new favorite musicians, Anna Govert’s impassioned pleas to watch overlooked TV shows, Garrett Martin’s travelogues and classic videogame remembrances, Jacob Oller’s insights on the latest films and so much good stuff from so many others—then please consider subscribing. When a handful of megacorporations control most of what people see, even the hate clicks from Taylor Swift fans can’t fully sustain us. Your support is what will keep us championing the best new musicians, filmmakers, game developers, TV visionaries, comedians and other creatives.

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Thank you for sticking with us all these years,
Josh Jackson
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