Mishti Releases New Single "Weight Of My Heart"

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Alternative rocker Mishti has released her new single, "Weight Of My Heart!" By the time she was 15 Mishti had lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong, India, and the settled in U.S.  These international roots converged into a pop/rock/blues amalgam that is impossible to pin down, but exposed enough to matter.  Mishti spent her formative years enthralled with Michael Jackson, and filling entire notebooks with Jackson 5 illustrations.  In fact, she once received 10 copies of the album “Dangerous” for her birthday (and insisted on keeping all of them).  In later years, she would give class presentations by parodying contemporary rock hits.  Clearly, this was a girl obsessed with music, and her love for it certainly shows. This track was produced by Alex Nolan who is a seasoned touring musician and currently in Cyndi Lauper's band.

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