The Story of Purpose: A Purpose-Driven Book

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Most businesses and organizations have been defining themselves by their mission and vision for as long as CEOs have been reading business books. But author, CEO, Professor Joey Reiman has developed a new way of thinking.

“Mission is what you do. Vision is where you are going. Purpose is why you are here,” Reiman says. It’s the why that matters most.

Reiman’s latest read, The Story of Purpose, hits bookshelves and e-readers this month. As CEO & Founder of BrightHouse, a global consultancy located in Atlanta, Reiman’s job is to bring more purpose to the world of business.

Through stories of purpose and best practices from companies such as McDonald’s, Newell Rubbermaid, Procter & Gamble and many more, The Story of Purpose helps readers lead, inspire and transform their organization from the heart.

Reiman says, “Purpose empowers you to make a difference in people’s lives. It offers the opportunity to ignite you and your employees’ spirits, liberate your creativity, unleash your compassion for others, all while driving dramatic business results. Purpose is why you get up in the morning. It’s why you sleep well at night. The Story of Purpose is the new narrative for business.”

In addition to the book, Reiman and BrightHouse are holding the world’s first Global Purpose Summit this spring in Atlanta. At the Summit, leading purpose-inspired C-suite executives will address the power of purpose to serve as both a financial force as well as a force for good. I’ll be there with a purpose.

For more information on Reiman, his book and the Summit, visit

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