Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson Signs Book Deal

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Abbi Jacobson, one half of the dynamic Broad City duo, has signed a deal with Viking to publish an illustrated book this fall. Carry This Book (great title) will focus on the things people carry—and not in the Tim O’Brien, Vietnam War sense. Instead, Jacobson will explore what people keep in their bags, “whether it’s the contents of Oprah’s favorite purse, Amelia Earhart’s pencil case or Bernie Madoff’s suitcase.” The items will be a mixture of real and fictional. Per Viking:

“How many self-tanning lotions are in Donald Trump’s weekender?” And delve into “what kind of protein bars does Michelle Obama hide in her tiny clutch at the White House correspondents’ dinner”?

Recently, Broad City started its third season, and featured Hillary Clinton as a guest. No word on the exact release date or the financial details of Jacoboson’s deal. She has previously published two adult coloring books.

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