Aziz Ansari Can’t Believe He Has to Do a Celebrity “Get Out the Vote” Video at This Point

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Aziz Ansari Can’t Believe He Has to Do a Celebrity “Get Out the Vote” Video at This Point

How many of these have we had now? The Avengers, HBO, Star Trek, large chunks of the music industry … it feels like practically every day, we get a new viral video of a celebrity begging young voters to vote against Donald Trump. And, frankly, Aziz Ansari is sick of it.

“Apparently, there’s someone watching this video that’s on the fence about voting and they’re gonna see me telling them to vote and they’re going to be like ‘Okay, guess I’ll vote,’” Ansari yells. “Really it’s going to make a difference? There’s a f—-ing guy running that says he hates brown people. That’s not enough?”

The video is sponsored by NextGen Climate, so Ansari also touches on the issue of climate change and one candidate’s difficulty in understanding it: “He doesn’t believe in climate change. You realize how dumb you have to be to not believe in climate change? At this point?”

According to an accompanying press release, the video will run in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Nevada on social media, in front of videos, in display ads, and on streaming services like Hulu, Xbox and SlingTV. NextGen Climate has reportedly spent more than three million dollars on ads in order to “empower millennials to raise their voices and vote in this historic election.”

In a statement, NextGen Climate President Tom Steyer said:

We’re focused on millennials because they care about the issues and they want leaders who will take action. This generation is hyper-aware of the progress the country needs to make to address climate change and they’re excited to get involved and be part of the solution.

You can watch Ansari’s self-proclaimed “stupid viral video” above.

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