The Funniest Cats Tweets

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The Funniest Cats Tweets

The embargo on Cats reviews lifted on Wednesday night, around the time the House’s impeachment vote was happening, and there’s simply no way that was a coincidence. By all accounts, Tom Hooper’s new, CGI-assisted (using the word “assist” super loosely here) adaptation of the inexplicable Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is pure nightmare fuel from frame one, like something a horny zookeeper would see on a disastrously bad acid trip—reactions have ranged from “Fuck no” to “100% fuck no”—so why not let film critics lose their minds all over the place online while the president is being impeached? The people behind Cats are nothing if not agents of chaos, and though their unholy movie has driven a specific corner of the internet completely and irreversibly mad, we can at least wring some chuckles out of all that psychological anguish. In that spirit, and in the spirit of the holiday season, we give you the gift of these Cats tweets. May they provide some comfort to you as our country descends into similar ghastliness.

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