ClickHole is Now PatriotHole: “Powerful Content for Strong Americans”

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ClickHole is Now PatriotHole: “Powerful Content for Strong Americans”

Since 2014, The Onion off-shoot ClickHole has been making waves in the strange seas of viral internet content. Launched with the tagline “All content deserves to go viral,” ClickHole is intended to parody and satirize viral-sharing websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy. And like its parent company, ClickHole consistently produces some of the funniest content on the internet.

The site is littered with ridiculously titled lists like: “It Turns Out Enough Of You Have Googled ‘Pikachu Breastfeeding Barack Obama’ For This To Be An Economically Viable List To Publish” and “Look Away, Bernie Voters. These Photoshops Of Bernie Sanders In The White House Will Be Too Painful.” Add that to articles covering such myriad subjects as supplying coffee table coasters for toads and how to properly inform your boss that you’re “full up” on pork meat, and one quickly begins to see just how rife ClickHole is with nonsense. They take the typical trash posted by other clickbait sites, and push them to their logical extremes. Sometimes the content appears to come from nowhere, and sometimes it’s incredibly pointed, like their recent video titled, “Will You Click This Picture Of A Sexy Woman, Even If We Tell You That The Video Just Shows Nature Footage?” How many of us have scrolled to the bottom of an otherwise-normal article only to be inundated with ads for other articles promising 26 hot moms we won’t be able to unsee, no matter how hard we scrub our eyeballs? That’s the type of crap-bait ClickHole aims to satirize.

So when ClickHole announced today they were relaunching their site as PatriotHole, it came as little surprise. At this point, it’s simply par for the hilarious course. Intended to be a parody of far-right news outlets such as Breitbart, PatriotHole presents itself as: ”The only viral media site brave enough to SCREAM about REAL Americans.” You can practically sense Alex Jones taking off his shirt over it.

And really, the site is truly a thing of beauty. While it is still possible to access old ClickHole articles, the home page has been redesigned to fit PatriotHole’s new, faux-patriotic theme. Most articles feel ripped directly from the depths of some white-supremacist internet manifesto. Whereas ClickHole’s menu tabs were labeled innocuously with sections titled “Quizzes” and “Life,” they’ve since been overhauled into over-the-top conservative parodies like “The Truth” and “God’s Plan.”

With articles demonstrating Trump’s “utter dominion over the skies” and likening coal to vegetables, PatriotHole goes all-in on satirizing typically right-leaning issues and perspectives. Obviously, nobody actually holds these values as legitimately true, but—as Stephen Colbert demonstrated on his now-defunct Colbert Report—this type of parody can hold real insight.

But enough talk about PatriotHole. Follow this link and marvel at the comedic delights within. We promise there are, like, a million hot moms on the other side.

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