Relive Trump’s “Weirdest and Dumbest” Moments Through This Convenient Twitter Thread

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Relive Trump’s “Weirdest and Dumbest” Moments Through This Convenient Twitter Thread

In just a few days Trump’s disastrous presidency will finally end. Always antagonistic, Trump’s time in office will forever be marked by its last two months, his refusal to concede an election he lost, and how he consistently fanned the flames of anger and hatred in his followers to the point where they violently stormed the Capitol building. Trump’s lack of leadership—his divisive, incompetent, self-serving above all else approach to governance—has driven America to its most tumultuous and frightening moment in decades, and based on recent FBI reports, it still might get worse during his final week in office. It’s truly a bad time for America, spurred on by one of the absolute worst leaders we’ve ever had the misfortune to suffer under.

All this violence and fear has obscured how absolutely ridiculous Trump is as a human being. We don’t want to distract from the legitimate evil he’s willingly encouraged, but one Twitter user has compiled a list of the “weirdest and dumbest shit” Trump has done over the last four years, as a footnote to his disastrous tenure. Jules Suzdaltsev, a journalist who’s worked for Vice, NowThis, and Discovery Digital Networks, among others, doesn’t want us to forget about these more absurd moments; they weren’t nearly as offensive or unsettling as his open bigotry, his winking support of white supremacists, or his utter disregard for the lives and livelihood of American citizens, but they all, in their own way, reaffirmed the blatantly obvious fact that this dude was not ever fit to be a president. Suzdaltsev hits all of the biggies—the lawnmower boy, the truck, the tiny desk—as well as many that we’ve totally forgotten about. You should check out his entire thread over at Twitter; a few of the more notable examples are embedded below.

Eight days, people. In eight days this guy won’t be our president anymore. And that’s assuming he doesn’t resign or get impeached before then. We can gut this one out, and then work as hard as we can to diminish the vestigial remains of Trumpism in the years to come.

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