The Funniest Internet Videos of December 2019

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The Funniest Internet Videos of December 2019

Happy New Year! Before moving forward into a bold new tomorrow, let’s take one last chance to look at back from whence we came. Each month, we dive into the recesses of the internet and scour them for our favorite funny videos. The year, and indeed, the decade, closed out with some strong contenders. Check them out!

Caleb Hearon — “POV: You’re A Close Friend Venting to Me”

Little is said, much is communicated in Caleb Hearon’s video in which he acts out one side of an instance in which he is a forgiving, patient, enabling(?) friend to someone who has certainly fucked up but is still looking for some validation.

Sarah Smallwood Parsons — “Fucking”


The second season of Sarah Smallwood Parson’s webseries Fucking arrived this month, bringing new and painful levels of relatability when it comes to hook-ups gone astray. It’s short, sweet, grounded and great and finding new angles on “cringe-inducing” each time.

Maria Wojciechowski — “My Boyfriend Got Me A Peloton”

The Peloton ad that drew the full attention of the internet last month received plenty of parodies in exchange for being totally bonkers, but our personal favorite was this one from Maria Wojciechowski, introducing the “poor person’s Peloton.” Just as good as the real thing!

Brian Fiddyment — “‘F’ Movie”

I could watch Brian Fiddyment careen around New York for hours, stumbling over everything in his path in a state of total disorientation. And that’s what we get in his new experimental short, wherein a man is sent into a frenzy by any kind of “F” sound. I won’t reveal what “F” stands for, but I promise it stands for something.

Hannah Solow — “Someone Is Putting Cowboy Hats on Pigeons in Las Vegas”

Listen, the fact of the matter is: someone was putting cowboy hats on pigeons in Las Vegas. The only question is, what are we supposed to do with that? The most satisfying answer came from Hannah Solow, who turned it into the earworm you see before you.

Lucy Cottrell — “Me On A First Date”

Lucy Cottrell’s stand-up, in which she turns herself into a being of pure enthusiasm for literally any topic she covers, is a rare treat. She distills that same energy into her Twitter videos, like this one that features her making small talk during a first date that downplays some pretty significant stuff. “Yeah I go to therapy,” she says, “but it’s just, like, one of those random things I’m doing.”

Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans — “Moves Like Bloomberg”

The comedy event of the month was this video from Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans, who thoroughly embarrassed the Bloomberg campaign as well as all the media outlets who didn’t bother to do a shred of research into their backgrounds before taking the video at face value.

Caitie Delaney — “The Beauty Blogger Who Lives Next to Adam Driver in Marriage Story

In the avalanche of memes featuring Adam Driver punching through a wall towards the end of Marriage Story, only one person thought to head next door, and that was Rick and Morty writer Caitie Delaney. A neat and satisfying intersection of two sides of the internet.

Phil Jamesson — “The Fidget”

Phil Jamesson is a wonderfully consistent source of character videos, often opting to turn them into Adaptation-esque conversations with himself. Such is the case with this short film about tensions rising between friends over some understandably annoying table-drumming.

Johnny Berchtold — “How Actors in Movies Eat Their Food”

Having once had my world turned upside down upon learning that actors in movies just chew their food and spit it into a bucket after the take is over, I’ve been waiting for a video like this for practically my whole life. Food acting looks weird as hell. This was a cathartic watch.

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