The Funniest Internet Videos of February 2019

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The Funniest Internet Videos of February 2019

The internet: there’s a lot of stuff on it! This much we know. We’re drowning in content these days, and even though there are far too many people making great stuff to spotlight at once, but it’s worth a shot. In that spirit: here’s a roundup of some of our favorite sketches and videos from February.

Butt—“Shrinker’s Pizza”

The latest from comedians Chris Stephens and Joe Adams (a.k.a Butt) is a touching testimonial for an increasingly horrifying pizza parlor. If for whatever reason you haven’t taken a guess at the pizza service offered, keep yourself in the dark.

Fjörd & Fïka—“Love!”

Swedish pop stars Fjörd & Fïka (New York comedians Jenny Gorelick and Addie Weyrich) are essentially aliens in silver body suits in this bizarre and charming tribute to the guy they both hate. It’s not going to conjure up much romantic goodwill for anyone in your life, but I don’t think that’s what they have in mind, and it’s a great, cosmic watch anyway.

Demi Adejuyigbe—“Morrisey’s End Credits Song from Green Book

Demi Adejuyigbe (one of the “Gilmore Guys” and a current writer for The Late Late Show with James Corden) has already showcased his song parody chops with reimagined Will Smith raps over the credits of various movies. But this month he delivered a cathartic post-mortem on that embarrassing Green Book Oscar win with this ode to how easy it is to solve racism (that doubles as a pitch-perfect imitation of Morrisey’s songwriting).

Jeremy Kaplowitz—“Bear Squad”

I’m bending the rules a little bit here, but who cares. Jeremy Kaplowitz, creator of Lizard People of New York and Editor in Chief of Hard Drive, was tired of waiting around for someone to make his pilot about a group of superheroes who turn into bears, so he made it himself! This half-hour episode is animated around the sounds of a live cold-reading of a script that should put many aspiring TV writers to shame.

Mark Vigeant—“A Video to Remember My Online Passwords”

It shouldn’t be a surprise coming from Mark Vigeant, the man behind the New York City comedy show “Internet Explorers,” but this vlog-y nightmare of usernames and passwords for every account imaginable takes a lot of left turns. All along the way, however, you’ll get a string of aggressive and revealing personal details, like his preference for the first four seasons of The Sopranos, his distain for the sixth season, and everything in between.

Rachel Wenitsky – “A Female Character Making a Joke About Respecting Women”

Reductress’ Rachel Wenitsky (who also happens to be one half of Paste favorite Friends Who Folk) doesn’t need our plug for this Twitter video that’s scored about 3 million views. Still, it’s worth noting that she packs a better joke into twenty-seven seconds than most people manage in a whole sketch.

Kelley Quinn—“Audition to Play A Barista On The L Word Reboot”

Another short-but-sweet Twitter video, this time courtesy of New York comedian Kelley Quinn. You might not know how much you could laugh at this rapid-fire supercut of names and drinks, as well as general “barista-on-a-TV-show” screen business. She does enough great variations on the idea that there’s no real reason not to give her the part.

Nick Mestad—“Nick Reaper: Never Wrong”

This taught, impressively shot pastiche from Nick Mestad puts action hero Nick Reaper in the hot-seat. But don’t sleep on him. Because just when you think you have Nick Reaper beaten down, he’ll start counting down what’s going to happen next. And then not stop.

Eric Feurer—“Two Trench Coats Inside a Boy”

A deranged premise from Eric Feurer—one of the co-directors of UCB New York’s monthly character showcase Characters Welcome—rounds out our list with a sickening bang. If you think you’ve basically got the idea of the thing from the title alone, you’re wrong. It’s also fitting send-off for the theatre’s now-closed East Village venue.

Graham Techler is a New York-based writer and comedian. You’d be doing him a real solid by following him on Twitter @gr8h8m_t3chl3r or on Instagram @obvious_new_yorker. A real solid.

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