Take a Look at Henry Rollins Doing Stand-up

Comedy News Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins has a stand-up special. That shouldn’t be a surprise—comedy’s always been a part of the spoken word poetry he’s been doing since his days in Black Flag—but then there is a difference between spoken word and stand-up. I don’t remember his spoken performances ever being classified as stand-up until last year, when Showtime originally aired Keep Talking, Pal. That special is now being released by Comedy Dynamics through all manner of digital marketplaces—your iTunes, your Amazons, your Google Plays—and yep, it’s definitely being billed as stand-up. The guy who wrote some of the angriest and most emotionally brutal songs ever has a stand-up special.

Here’s a trailer for the Comedy Dynamics release. As you can probably guess, it lands somewhere between stand-up and spoken word, with Rollins talking about his time opening for Ozzy Osbourne and why women should be put in charge. The best part of the trailer comes near the end, when Rollins makes funny faces and weird gestures in a quick montage that loudly screams “SEE, THE ANGRY MAN IS SILLY, TOO!!!” Check it out below, and keep an eye out for Keep Talking, Pal when it hits a variety of platforms on Feb. 12.