The Funniest Impeachment Hearing Tweets

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The Funniest Impeachment Hearing Tweets

I watched some of today’s impeachment hearings. I had some opinions about it. A lot of those opinions were best expressed by people I don’t know on Twitter. Here are a whole bunch of those?

I find it increasingly impossible to expect any good to ever come out of politics in this country. The Republicans might represent a decreasing percentage of Americans, but the nature of this system ensures that they’ll still make up close to 50% of all elected officials. And with the party shedding whatever vestigial responsibility it might’ve felt to this country, its constitution, and the rule of law—while also successfully building a massive multimedia apparatus whose sole job is misleading its audience and preserving the party’s power—we’re basically dealing with a system that’s become fundamentally disingenuous and self-serving. Yeah, things have always been bad, and I fully remember the abject misery of the George W. Bush years, but all that terrible business was leading up to one end result, which is this current Trump Administration. It’s an openly lawless presidency that has retained the full, unflinching support of its shameless party and most of a voter base that is impossible to reason with. Nothing will become of these hearings, no matter how open and shut they are, no matter how damning the evidence is, unless the Republican party does what is literally unthinkable today and hold Trump accountable. The whole thing is sad and stressful and simply not funny.

So hey, here are some jokes.

If you can’t joke about the most depressing, deflating, defeating topics, what’s the point of joking about anything? I think I learned that in a class somewhere. (Could be in the Bible?) Here are some tweets that, when separated from the soul-sapping malaise we’re all currently drowning in, are actually kind of smart or funny or even both. Let’s read over them, one by one, while we wait for whatever bit of ignominy is coming down the Trump turnpike next.

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