A 2018 Louis C.K. Stand-up Set Has Leaked onto YouTube…

And Dude Still Doesn't Get It

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A 2018 Louis C.K. Stand-up Set Has Leaked onto YouTube…

UPDATE: As expected, the YouTube video was pulled down after this post was published. We’ve replaced that embed with a Twitter post that includes a couple of minutes of C.K.’s set.

Louis C.K. keeps on keeping on as if he isn’t now a famous asshole. My dude’s trying to yuk it up on stage like the entire world doesn’t know that he subjected numerous women to sexually predatory and abusive behavior. Dude’s out here doing stand-up as if he’s somehow impervious to the repercussions of those actions and now deserves to be compensated for the money he lost because of them. This guy’s trying to gin up sympathy and laffs by whining about the millions he lost for being a sex creep, as if the typical audience member can relate to suddenly being less of a millionaire than they previously were, or to taking advantage of people who look up to them in their profession. Creep’s being a creep.

C.K.’s doing stand-up all the time now. Based on this recording of a recent set that wound up on YouTube and Twitter this weekend, he’s pretty close to a full hour of new material, and it starts with him complaining about how much money he lost because he nonconsensually masturbated in front of women who weren’t expecting to be nonconsensually masturbated in front of. Women whose careers were then implicitly (at least) threatened if they spoke out about it, and were still impacted even when they didn’t. With this new material C.K.’s trying to profit from the misdeeds he subjected others to, and yes, that’s bullshit.

He’s also basically doubling down on conservative-style “young people are too sensitive” anti-identity politics horseshit. There’s not a lot of light between the C.K. you hear in his current set and a typical far right talk radio jackass who’s braying about “political correctness” and pitching a fit about how people who aren’t white men want to be treated with respect all of a sudden. Apparently the world is now too soft and weak because men like Louis C.K. can’t just jack off in front of whoever they want to. That’s definitely the kind of valuable insight into modern day life that comedy clubs and television networks need to accommodate. (Editor’s note: I am the editor and please note that I AM BEING VERY SARCASTIC WITH THAT LAST SENTENCE.)

So here’s the set. It’s close to an hour and was recorded two weeks ago tonight, on Dec. 16, 2018. It sucks. C.K.’s poised to be the next Dennis Miller—a poster child for “what the fuck were we thinking when we liked this guy” confusion. Listen to it if you want, or don’t—there’s an almost infinite variety of better ways to spend your time, but we understand the car crash appeal of this whole disaster.

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