SNL Takes on the Debate, with Jim Carrey’s Debut as Joe Biden

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SNL Takes on the Debate, with Jim Carrey’s Debut as Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live returned over the weekend with the debut of Jim Carrey’s impression of Joe Biden in the cold open debate sketch. In case you missed it, well, you’re either smart or fortunate enough to have missed it getting written about by every website known to mankind. Hopefully you missed this piece, too—I’m reluctant to inflict this upon anybody.

Here’s what to expect: Alec Baldwin’s consistently miserable portrayal of Donald Trump. Jim Carrey visibly struggling to rein in his maximalist tendencies. Feeble humor that should be called politics-adjacent and not political, because it doesn’t really show any knowledge or understanding of any issues, and is content to simply use the debate as a backdrop for bad jokes and the show’s cartoonish depictions of the candidates. Maya Rudolph. And the discomfort of knowing you’ll see this same basic sketch again next Saturday, and the three Saturdays after that, until election day mercifully (hopefully!) brings this all to an end. Cool!

Check it out below! It’s fun times from the fun time show your parents used to get stoned to.

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