Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at How Trump Has Given Up on the Coronavirus

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at How Trump Has Given Up on the Coronavirus

Good rule of thumb: don’t listen to the president—especially this president, and especially when he’s taking about the pandemic.

Donald Trump and his administration have basically admitted defeat in the fight against the coronavirus. While the president continues to lie about a virus that is surging through America at its highest levels yet—at a time when another mass outbreak has been revealed within Vice President Mike Pence’s team—his chief of staff Mark Meadows admitted on CNN that they can’t control the virus. So this pandemic that has already killed over 225,000 Americans, at a rate far higher than most other countries, will be allowed to rage unchecked as long as Trump’s in office. Like, his people just said that. It’s pure deadly insanity.

Yeah, Seth Meyers talks about that. I mean, watch the comedy man, by all means—he sums up the sheer irresponsible absurdity of this whole thing, along with some jokes and impressions and whatnot. But hey, nobody should need a wisecrackin’ wisecracker crackin’ wise to realize how deeply, thoroughly, and fundamentally disastrous Trump and his presidency has been when it comes to the pandemic—something Joe Biden warned us about on Twitter exactly one year and one day ago.

Check out Seth Meyers’ latest Closer Look below, and may whatever god you might believe in have mercy on this country.

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