Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Sherman’s Showcase Black History Month Spectacular

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Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Sherman’s Showcase Black History Month Spectacular

It’s no secret that we love Sherman’s Showcase here at Paste. Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle’s sketch comedy show, which premiered on IFC last summer, is a brilliant and hilarious satire of the last 50 years of Black pop culture, its ever-shifting relationship with mainstream pop culture, and also the differences between different generations of Black Americans. That might sound like really serious business, but Sherman’s Showcase never loses sight of the joke, even as its constructing its own complicated, decades-old fictional history. We can’t recommend it enough, and its first season was one of the biggest highlights in a year jam packed with great new sketch comedy.

Sherman’s Showcase is returning to IFC with a one-off special next week, airing on June 19—also known as Juneteenth, the anniversary celebration of the day slavery was ended. Sherman’s Showcase’s “Black History Month Spectacular” is a star-studded “celebration” of classic Black icons from the history of pop culture, with, as a press release describes it, “a very special re-imagining of the cult film The Last Dragon.” (Here’s our bligatory Sho’nuff reference.) In other words, it sounds like more of what made the first season so great, with guests including Lil Rel Howery, John Legend, Vic Mensa, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Jemele Hill and more. The special premieres on IFC on Friday, June 19, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and immediately reairs again at 11 p.m.

Mario Van Peebles is also one of those guest stars, reprising one of his most famous movie roles in the sketch “New Jack Cops.” The director of New Jack City once again plays Stone, the detective who helped take down Nino Brown’s operation, and who is now just a few minutes from retirement. Lil Rel and Diallo Riddle star alongside him in the sketch, which, hey, guess what, you can watch a clip from right here, right now. If you’ve seen New Jack City, you’ll dig it. If you haven’t seen New Jack City but know that hugely popular meme GIF of a crying Wesley Snipes about to shoot somebody, hey, this is the movie that’s from. Go watch it, then watch this clip, then watch all of Sherman’s Showcase’s first season, and finally watch the “Black History Month Spectacular” next week.

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