Marge Simpson Responds to the Trump Campaign

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Marge Simpson Responds to the Trump Campaign

Hey! Here’s another reminder that politics are just the absolute worst. Earlier this week Trump campaign advisor and Trump personal attorney Jenna Ellis tried to join in on the right-wing pile-on of VP nominee Kamala Harris. Ellis tweeted that Harris sounded like a familiar character who’s been appearing on our TV screens for decades.

Which, yeah, is just confusing. Is that supposed to be an insult? Because it feels more like an observation. But coming from a Trump campaign figure, it’s clearly supposed to be an insult. It’s not really insulting, though, even if it was true—have you ever once in your life thought Harris sounded like Marge Simpson? And anyway, Marge is one of the true saints of TV, and any comparison to her is by default a positive one (unless it involves hair).

Well, The Simpsons didn’t wait to respond to Ellis. Despite having a production schedule that usually takes a year, they cranked out a quick reply, with Marge directly addressing Ellis and shaming the Trump lawyer for her lack of manners. I’m pretty sure they just recycled the animation from one of Marge’s warnings before a Treehouse of Horror episode, and then got Julie Kavner to record a couple of new lines in the home studio every Simpsons cast member presumably has. Maybe she just did it over the phone. I dunno. Either way, here it is, 27 seconds of a cartoon character responding to an obscure campaign figure over a baffling non-insult to a VP nominee.


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