The Funniest Tomi Lahren Memes

The Internet Feasts on Her Ridiculous Poster

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The Funniest Tomi Lahren Memes

Oh, to be Tomi Lahren. The rising media star seems to have the inside track on a long, successful career. She’s become perhaps the most prominent new face of Fox News, a cushy gig that could run for years, or at least until her inevitable lawsuit against the company. And beyond the Fox money, there are all the other opportunities that her burgeoning fame has opened up for her. Case in point: the professional grievance monger has hooked up with Turning Point USA, the same conservative college organization that had members wear diapers in some sort of self-owning commentary on “safe spaces,” to promote a variety of speaking gigs and commentaries. The group made a poster featuring Lahren and a few asinine anti-liberal mottoes, and then the internet did what it does with these kinds of things: mercilessly mock them on social media and through Photoshop. The “dear liberal snowflakes” poster launched a fusillade of memes earlier this week, and the rush of jokes and parodies hasn’t fully subsided yet.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original poster from Turning Point USA:

Anybody with an eye for graphic design and a mind for mischief can probably immediately see the prospects here. Here are the best dunks and parodies of Lahren’s hypocrisy and dimwitted attempts at political commentary.

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