Whitmer Thomas Announces New EP Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here, Shares “Trevor” Music Video

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Whitmer Thomas Announces New EP Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here, Shares “Trevor” Music Video

Musician and comedian Whitmer Thomas has announced his new EP Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here, due out on March 25 via Hardly Art Records. His latest project is produced by Melina Duterte of Jay Som and, if lead single “Trevor” is anything to go by, shows that Thomas’ musical talent shines just as brightly as his winning comedy.

On Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here, Thomas leaves behind the new wave pastiche of his LP Songs From The Golden One (the record accompanying his acclaimed HBO special The Golden One) in favor of acoustic guitar and simple-yet-charming pop tunes. Contributors to the EP include Duterte, Great Grandpa’s Al Menne, Chastity Belt’s Annie Truscott, Christian Lee Hutson, Harrison Whitford, Brad Oberhofer, and Mitra Jouhari of Three Busy Debras fame (who also happens to be Thomas’ girlfriend—talk about a power couple).

Over the six tracks, Thomas shares vignettes about various characters and explores the inherent absurdity of life. These songs might not be as explicitly goofy as his viral hit “Big Baby,” but still promise the sort of heart wrenching humor that made The Golden One so memorable.

As for the lead single “Trevor,” Thomas sings over sun-kissed guitar about how life would be a lot easier if he was “a Trevor amongst a thousand Trevors.”

“In the past few years, I’ve met a handful of people coincidentally (or maybe not) named Trevor who all seemed a lot happier than me. It got me thinking about why and how I’ve become such a cynical bummer, and how much I wish I wasn’t,” he explained in a press release.

Fittingly, the single’s music video follows a listless Thomas, solemn-faced as people celebrate around him, covering him with glow sticks and party hats. He imagines that maybe he’d be happier if he was the type of bro who spends his time “vaping in the basement and playing PS5.”

Watch the music video for “Trevor,” directed by Zoe Donahoe and Adam Sputh, below. Further down, check out the details of Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here.

Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here Tracklist:

1. Trevor
2. Going Out To Eat
3. Don’t Have A Cow
4. Best Long Song Ever Wrote
5. What A Pal
6. Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here

Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here Art:


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