James Franco Exhibits Semi-Provacative Animal Art in London

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James Franco officially does everything. He’s an actor, scholar, poet, director, musician, resident hot guy—the list just keeps on growing. Now we’re “surprised” to find out he’s a visual artist too.

His latest series of paintings, “Fat Squirrel,” are currently being exhibited at the Siegfried Contemporary Private Showroom in West London. This is not the first time Franco has exhibited his art—the actor had a show in New York earlier this year, but admits it wasn’t his proudest moment: “I know it was really bad,” he told Dazed in an interview about his new set of animal artwork.


In his last exhibit, Franco referenced Cindy Sherman, a popular artist known for her conceptual portraits. For this exhibit, Franco explained he brought together work that doesn’t reference any other art and kept the exhibition all paintings.

“I think one of my huge themes is childhood and coming of age because it’s such an important and formative period. By doing these paintings—like you say, in a childish way—it’s a way of referencing that time,” said Franco of the themes in his art.

The collection is a group of colorful and childlike animal portraits with a little female nudity and text scribblings sprinkled in. It’s really … colorful. Really colorful work. Check out more pieces from the exhibition and read Franco’s thoughts on visual art here.


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