At $7k, Macallan M Black is the Scotch of Your Dreams

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At $7k, Macallan M Black is the Scotch of Your Dreams

The Macallan unveiled The Macallan M Black 2017 Release Wednesday, the latest whisky in the distillery’s M series of single malt whiskies.

If you’re thinking this is one you’re going to order next time you’re out, think again. Only 725 of the black decanters will be sold worldwide, only 40 of those in the United States. And they won’t be cheap. Each decanter is priced at $6,995.

The decanters are made in partnership with renowned creative director Fabien Baron of Lalique and are made out of black crystal. Each one is engraved with its own unique individual number, something that is bound to make the bottles (even more) collectible down the line.

“An incredible collaboration between three masters, The Macallan M Black has been brought to conception by creative director Fabien Baron; brought to life by Lalique’s mastery of crystal; and brought to purpose by The Macallan’s whisky makers,” said Geoff Kirk, Director of Prestige for The Macallan. “Presented in an extraordinary handcrafted black crystal decanter, M Black reflects a lifetime of whisky and continues to showcase the vital influence of The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks and the ultimate craft of whisky making. M Black is a true work of art which raises the bar for whisky decanters around the world.”

As for how it tastes, Macallan says “Drawn from sherry-seasoned oak casks, a proportion of which contained peated malt, it delivers a profile of dark fruit, chocolate and espresso, which open into wood spice and an edge of peat. On the nose, there is rich cherry chocolate sweetness and fresh citrus notes with dried fruit, before salted caramel moves into whispers of peat smoke. The smokiness increases on the palate but serves to complement the flavors of green apples, citrus and dried fruit.”

Here are the official whisky maker’s notes:

Color: Burnt umber

Nose: Rich cherry chocolate sweetness, and fresh citrus notes with the dried fruit. Salted caramel is enveloped by whispers of peat smoke.

Palate: The intensity of smoke increases but doesn’t dominate. It allows a subtle blend of green apples and citrus, dried fruit richness and smoke to perfectly combine.

Finish: Long and smoky

ABV:  45%

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