Gamer Buzz: Far Cry 4 and Founders All Day IPA

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Plenty of games offer an open-ended style of gameplay, but the freedom I experienced while playing Far Cry 4 is almost paralyzing. The Himalayan country of Kyrat is expansive and filled with a myriad of places to explore and/or explode, and a ridiculous amount of ways to get the job done.

“You know what? Screw the pickup truck. I’m taking the hang-glider today.”

As Ajay Ghale, you’re in Kyrat to carry on your parents’ revolution against the despotic Pagan Min and his Royal Army by liberating outposts, disabling radio towers, and repelling attacks. How you do it is entirely up to you: you can go the stealth route with a bow and arrows, or go in guns blazing and grenades flying, or set off an avalanche and bury your enemies, or use bait (from animals you hunted) to sic predators on your quarry…or hell, just hop on an elephant and go full Tarzan on the bad guys (FYI: an elephant rampage only gets better as you drink).

“Elephaaaant! Taste my rage!”

But that’s just the beginning: there are temples to discover, vehicles to play with, and tons of side quests to keep you busy, even after the main campaign is over.

The problem is – you can’t sit and play it for 10-15 minutes at a stretch. You need to commit some serious time to tick off your achievements, and you’ll have to drink a low-ABV beer if you want to avoid getting feathered with Hunters’ arrows when you’re trying to get to the next camp. Believe me.

“F** Hunters! Those guys are everywhere!”

Our pick for liberating this tiny Himalayan country? Founders Brewing Company’s All Day IPA Session Ale. First and foremost, this beer is delicious. All Day has a piney hop wave up front with a nice bitter finish that’s reminiscent of grapefruit rinds, and a medium body with high carbonation that makes it go down really easy. It’s odd to have such bold taste in a beer that feels so light in your mouth, and it creates and interesting duality: The crisp, light feel makes you want to swig it, but the complex hop profile requires savoring.

Even better? It’s a 4.7% ABV brew, so you can savor or swig to your heart’s content. If you’re moderately tolerant, you could put down six of these in a two or three-hour Far Cry session and walk (don’t drive) away with nothing more than a mild sense of shame that you spent so much time drinking and playing Xbox when you should be writing.


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