The Halloween Candy That No One Asked For is Now Available

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Where does the madness stop? With Oreo having a team of total lunatics at the controls making cream flavors such as the redundant cookies and creme flavor, or the newly-released Swedish Fish Oreos, it seems that there is no stopping the mad food scientists at the helm.

Now, Brach’s Confections—best known for their divisive Halloween treat, candy corn—have created something no one ever asked for: “brunch-flavored” candy corn. Flavors include French toast and maple syrup, waffles and strawberry, and chocolate chip pancakes. Interestingly, none of those flavors quite jump out as distinctive “brunch” items. Perhaps Brach’s food scientists should have made flavors like eggs Benedict, bagel and lox, quiche, bloody mary or mimosa—on second thought, let’s hope they don’t.

Brach’s new creation is available exclusively at Target. Those who are curious enough to try the new flavors can pick up a 15 oz. bag for $2.50.

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