Burger King is Testing a New Whopper-Burrito Hybrid: The Whopperrito

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Burger King, America’s saddest fast-food chain, is hopping onto the hybrid food trend with the Whopperrito: a Whopper burrito. The bizarre new menu item, which includes the same Whopper ingredients wrapped in a flour tortilla, is currently being tested at select stores in Pennsylvania. The Whopperrito was first encountered by GrubGrade in Hermitage, Pa.

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However, this item might only be available at the Hermitage location. A BK spokesperson told Eater, “There are no plans to introduce the Whopperrito nationally.” Last month, Fortune reported that Burger King was testing a Whopper Dog, a hot dog with Whopper toppings.

Last night, Stephen Colbert even commented on BK’s latest alarming menu item, which he compared, naturally, to Donald Trump: “I’m guessing the Whopperrito is not going to have a lot of Hispanic fans. Speaking of, Donald Trump.” Watch the full Late Show clip below.

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