Jennifer Lawrence Will Play Fidel Castro’s Lover In Sony-Produced Film Marita

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Add Cold War-era femme fatale to the ever-growing list of Jennifer Lawrence’s depictions of real-life women.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, J-Law is set to play Marita Lorenz, the one-time lover of Fidel Castro who was later sent on a CIA mission to assassinate him, in a biopic written by American Hustle co-writer Eric Warren Singer. Lorenz was 19 when she began her affair with the Cuban revolutionary-turned-dictator. Although she obviously didn’t get around to killing him, she’s had a very colorful life full of espionage and exotic romance, according to her two autobiographies.

Lawrence is also co-producing the film, which is in search of a director and slated for potential release in 2017. Given their previous collaborations and Singer’s involvement, we have to think David O. Russell is champing at the bit for this project.

There might not be a bigger actress right now than Lawrence, who recently claimed a Golden Globe and received her fourth Oscar nomination for her performance in Joy—that’s four Oscar noms, and she’s just 25. At the same time, it looks like Cuba is becoming a topic of interest in Hollywood, with Fast & Furious 8 set to film there following America’s reinstatement of diplomatic ties with the island country.

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