Some Heroes Are Definitely Going to Die in Avengers: Infinity War

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Some Heroes Are Definitely Going to Die in Avengers: Infinity War

Although it was recently announced that over 60 Marvel characters will go into the forthcoming Avengers: Infinity War, it turns out not all of them are going to make it out. The dark mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige, recently revealed that a few superheroes are going to eat it. In a Spiderman: Homecoming promotional interview with JoBlo, Feige was asked whether any major MCU heroes would be killed off in Infinity War. His response was:

Yes. We have another two years of hard work to even finish these movies, and they [the actors] have a lot of hard work to do, so that’s all we’re thinking about, is completing those and delivering on the promise of those. Where it goes beyond that, we’ll see.

Naturally, the studio head refused to give specifics—or actively pantomime the scene where Howard the Duck’s body get’s ripped in half by a super-charged Thanos—but many speculate that the most likely characters to be killed off are either Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man or Chris Evans’ Captain America. Evans has gone on record saying he’s thinking about taking a break from acting while Captain America’s best bud, Bucky Barnes, is slated to appear in at least six other MCU films. In the comics, Barnes takes over for Captain America when he is killed. As for Iron Man, the real-life implications of continuing to pay Downey Jr. are probably getting to be too much for Marvel, especially considering Downey Jr. now gets a cut of all box-office receipts. Additionally, Iron Man’s death would be a fantastic way to establish Thanos as a legitimate threat beyond anything the Avengers have ever faced. It seems highly unlikely that both of these characters will be left alive by the end of Infinity War.

But Paul Bettany’s Vision is probably the most likely to die, considering the fact that Thanos clearly gains access to the full infinity gauntlet. One of those infinity stones is pretty well-embedded in Vision’s head. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Vision gets his head ripped off and still manages to do much. But then again, these are comic book movies so … who knows?

Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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