We Had to Watch the Trailer for Peter Rabbit, And Now You Do, Too

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We Had to Watch the Trailer for Peter Rabbit, And Now You Do, Too

Well, that’s certainly … something.

In the first trailer for Sony’s forthcoming kids’ film Peter Rabbit, you can watch as James Corden’s titular bunny runs through the countryside, gets into trouble with a fox, and … throws a house party?

Previous adaptations of Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s stories had thought to capture the cozy, quaint British countryside, staying true to the original books and portraying simple stories with problems that kids encounter, like getting into mischief or telling friends they hurt your feelings. This one says screw that, we’re gonna turn this into a movie about partying, with all the celebrity voices and relentlessly upbeat pop music that entails.

Written and directed by Will Gluck, known for such beloved children’s stories as Fired Up! and Friends with Benefits, Peter Rabbit apparently thinks that the kind of story children relate to is one that involves all-night ragers. You know, all-night ragers, those things that small children do.

Peter Rabbit is set to release Feb. 9, 2018. If you need an emotional balm after watching that tone-deaf college flick masquerading as a children’s story, here’s the credit sequence from Peter Rabbit and Friends, featuring the song “Perfect Day” by Miriam Stockley.

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