Next DCEU Movie to Begin Shooting? Shazam!

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Next DCEU Movie to Begin Shooting? Shazam!

Now that Wonder Woman has proven that not every DCEU movie has to suck the life force out of all who lay eyes upon it, DC is hurriedly green-lighting more films in the franchise. The next film to actually go in front of cameras? According to THR, it’s going to be Shazam!, baby (not to be confused with the nonexistent Sinbad-starring vehicle). The story of the little boy who merely needs to speak the word “shazam” to transform into a spandex-clad adult with super powers will begin filming sometime early next year. Think January or February 2018, targeting a 2019 release.

It’s hard to know if the walking meat mountain Dwayne Johnson will make an appearance in Shazam! as either a cameo or as a villain. He is, after all, the star and producer of a forthcoming spinoff film centered around Shazam’s nemesis, Black Adam. Adding a little star power never hurt anybody (Baywatch notwithstanding).

Directing the film will be David Sandberg, the man behind the creepy curtain of the forthcoming Annabelle: Creation (which has already garnered some outstanding critical acclaim) and last year’s well-received Lights Out. It’ll be quite the leap for a man who was primarily directing horror shorts in his Swedish apartment using an iPhone just a few years ago. While the premise of a young boy who frequently transforms into a well-endowed adult is a little odd, it doesn’t necessarily scream full-on horror. Maybe Sandberg will change that.

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