Andy Samberg, Common, Craig T. Robinson Team for Stoner Comedy Super High

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Andy Samberg, Common, Craig T. Robinson Team for Stoner Comedy Super High

The “stoner comedy” isn’t exactly a film genre that has had a lot of relevance in the last decade, perhaps due to the fact that cannabis is becoming more legal in this country on a yearly basis. After all, half the allure of the stoner comedy is presumably the depiction of a fun activity that was once illegal or taboo, and recreational marijuana is now available in 11 states, with medicinal marijuana in more than 30. The U.S. is clearly on a path to eventual, nationwide decriminalization of the substance, so perhaps that’s why the last major “stoner comedy” was something like Pineapple Express back in 2008.

Andy Samberg and co., however, seem to think the time is right to revive the genre. Samberg will team with rapper-actor Common and one of his favorite co-stars, Craig T. Robinson for the film Super High at New Line Cinema. The plot is described as a fusion of stoner comedy and superhero film, in which a group of friends gain superpowers after smoking a particular strain of cannabis with extraordinary effects.

Super High will be written by author Adam Mansbach, whose debut screenplay was Barry, the film about Barack Obama’s college days at Columbia University. Mansbach is also known as the author of the satirical children’s book Go the F*ck to Sleep, which became something of a pop cultural sensation on release, being followed by two sequels, You Have to F*cking Eat and F*ck, Now There Are Two of You.

It’s also a chance to reteam one of TV’s greatest comic pairings in the form of Andy “Jake Peralta” Samberg and Craig T. “Doug Judy” Robinson, a duo who have shared the screen in many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Robinson plays the frequent guest star of Judy, also known as the “Pontiac Bandit,” a former car thief and nemesis of Samberg’s police detective who eventually becomes his best firned.

We’ll bring you more information on Super High as it arrives.

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