Sarah Connor Can’t Catch a Break in First Trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate

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Sarah Connor Can’t Catch a Break in First Trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate

Actor Linda Hamilton (wisely) chose to stay far, far away from the previous three episodes in the James Cameron-created Terminator franchise, but she’s returned with a vengeance in the new trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate.

Hamilton steps into the consummate badass Sarah Connor’s boots once more in Dark Fate, a direct sequel to the one-two punch that is The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day (arguably one of the best action movies of all time). Some hand-waving was necessary for that to happen—Rise of the Machines, Salvation and Genisys were set in an alternate timeline, everyone!—but, hey. We’re all for it if this ends up a worthy sequel.

And we’ll try to stay optimistic about that. Director Tim Miller holds the reins—he of Deadpool fame, an action-comedy that plays a little loosely with genre cliches, but to great success.

Dark Fate, set 27 years after T2, sees Connor once again confronting murder robots in the name of saving the world from a horrible, murder robot-filled fate. This time around, she joins forces with a soldier assassin who is likely a robot herself (Mackenzie Davis) to protect a young girl (Natalia Reyes) who is key to preventing a war we cannot win—all of which sounds, frankly, a little familiar. But it’s nice seeing Hamilton using a rocket launcher on Gabriel Luna, this chapter’s liquid nightmare fuel.

One thing, though. Can we please terminate the tendency to soundtrack trailers with dour covers of zippier songs? We love Björk’s “Hunter” as much as any self-respecting fan, but no one needs to hear its more sober offspring laid over explosions and plane crashes.

Terminator: Dark Fate is set to open Nov. 1, 2019.

Check out the poster and trailer below.


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