Anya Taylor-Joy Visits Gastronomic Hell in The Menu Trailer

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Anya Taylor-Joy Visits Gastronomic Hell in The Menu Trailer

Whet your appetite with the teaser trailer for Mark Mylod’s dark comedy horror The Menu, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult as a young couple who travel to a remote island in order to sample a tasting menu curated by a bigwig chef (Ralph Fiennes).

“Over the next few hours, you will ingest fat, salt, protein, and at times entire ecosystems,” says Fiennes’ fearsome chef at one point, mimicking the pretensions of fine dining. Taylor-Joy is far less interested in these gastronomic frills than her beau—tearily enamored by the plates in front of him—and more wary of their host and his kitchen of subservient cooks yelling “Yes chef!” in almost orgasmic unison.

The trailer then sees the well-to-do patrons and their lush dinner spreads devolve into a survivalist nightmare, with guests weeping, flinging chairs at windows, and barreling through the forest away from the restaurant. Whether this hints at cannibal fare, human hunting, or something else altogether, The Menu appears primed to rip into the cult potential of haute cuisine and its ritzy clientele.

The Menu also stars John Leguizamo, Judith Light, and Hong Chau, and will arrive in theaters on November 18.

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