Watch ANOHNI’s Moving New Video for “Marrow”

Music Video ANOHNI
Watch ANOHNI’s Moving New Video for “Marrow”

ANOHNI has shared visuals for her song “Marrow,” the latest addition, after “I Don’t Love You Anymore” and “Crisis,” to her series of videos that consist of unbroken, close-up shots of a single subject mouthing the lyrics.

It’s a brilliant form that forces viewers to scrutinize the subtleties of the performers’ facial expressions. Analyzing a stranger’s emotional nuances is an empathetic exercise; the series exhibits the beauty of vulnerability.

This newest video features NYC-based concept artist and intersectional feminist Lorraine O’Grady, who performs ANOHNI’s lyrics about the metaphorical cancer of capitalism that has taken over and Americanized the whole world (“We are all Americans now”).

ANOHNI posted an anti-Dakota Access Pipeline message on her Facebook page to accompany the video. “Capitalism cares only for wealth extraction, from the earth and from its people,” she writes. “We are slaughtering the future. Only a wartime effort can save us now. Stand with the Water protectors in North Dakota. There is only one prayer left: save the earth.”

“Marrow” is from ANOHNI’s debut album HOPELESSNESS, released in May. Find out where it landed on our list of the year’s best albums here, and watch “Marrow” above.

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