Brazilian Girls: New York City

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Brazilian Girls: New York City

Like the city its named for, Brazilian Girls’ latest exemplifies diversity

With their third full-length studio album, Brazilian Girls (a non-Brazilian trio, two members of which are men) depart from the strict party vibe of their past two albums, and instead focused on exploring a multitude of musical styles. From the surprisingly peaceful and lulling “L’Interprete,” Brazilian Girls’ first attempt at consciously jamming on the breaks and slowing their music down several notches, to the Portishead-esque “Strangeboy,” to the polka-inflected horn section that backs Sabina Sciubba’s vocals on “Berlin,” it’s clear the NYC band isn’t content to stick with one genre.

That being said, fans of the group’s traditional sound shouldn’t worry: Brazilian Girls wouldn’t be themselves without throwing down some danceable tunes. “Good Time,” for example, the album’s first single, which features a chorus that proclaims, “We just want to have a good time all the time.” But, for those who appreciate diversity in music, New York City fits the bill. Brazilian Girls’ latest record artfully mirrors the city it honors with its title. It’s diverse, multicultural, and just when you think you have it figured out, it switches its style up completely and throws you for yet another loop.

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