FIDLAR Are Back with a New Thrasher, “Are You High?”

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FIDLAR Are Back with a New Thrasher, “Are You High?”

We’re still waiting on that third album from FIDLAR. It’s been three years since they released Too, but the L.A. punk rockers have never really cared what anyone was thinking or waiting for—in the chorus of the opening track on their debut album, they scream, “I drink cheap beer, so what? Fuck you.” They have, however, made sure to give us a taste of the pummeling to come with a few one-off tracks, including an original titled “Alcohol” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar.”

On Tuesday, they shared a new loose track, “Are You High?” (ft. The 90s). It’s the exact brand of 40-drinking, skate-punk, crunchy guitar-riffing sort of debauchery for which we’ve come to know and love FIDLAR. The lyrics are short and simple so you can still sing-scream them while you’re flailing in the pit—if you can remember “Hello / Goodbye / Are you high?” you’ll be good to go. The track also comes with a music video that is equal parts so-so quality concert footage and DIY editing.

Footage for the video was taken at various shows on FIDLAR’s tour, which started at the end of June. You can revisit those tour dates here and find the video for “Are You High?” and a FIDLAR performance from the Paste archives below.

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