Janelle Monáe Speaks out Against Recent Trump Tweets, Shows Support for Four Congresswomen

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Janelle Monáe Speaks out Against Recent Trump Tweets, Shows Support for Four Congresswomen

Janelle Monáe spoke out against Donald Trump’s recent comments on Twitter regarding the “Democratic congresswomen” he said should “go back” to the “broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

Monáe joined musicians, celebrities and politicians this week in sharing their frustration with the tweets on social media.

Many Twitter users deemed Trump’s words to be racist and xenophobic, assuming he was referring to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who are all American citizens.

Somalia-born Omar became a naturalized citizen at the age of 17, and is the only congresswoman out of the four who was born outside of the U.S.

Monáe, who recently released the politically conscious record Dirty Computer, has long used her platform and lyricism to support the LGBTQ community, marginalized women and racial minorities.

Identifying as a queer black artist, Monáe’s beliefs clash with policies enacted under Trump’s administration, as determined in her tweets sent in response to Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Geraldo Rivera.

Monáe first replied to Pelosi’s tweet, who condemned Trump’s words but has said in the past she is “not for impeachment” of the president. Monáe encouraged Pelosi to “call for impeachment,” stressing how Trump continues to have a consistent base regardless of his controversial actions.

The musician and political advocate then replied to Rivera, who also denounced the trending tweets but failed to acknowledge Trump’s similar behavior in the past. “He has been a xenophobic racist,” Monáe wrote. “It is exactly who he was and has always been and he is mentally unfit to be president,” referring to Trump’s frequent divisive words.

Monáe continued to share her thoughts in two additional tweets, referring to Trump as a “pawn” used by the Republican Party to “carry out their agenda,” writing that “the racists, sexists, white nationalists, white supremacists, etc. that make up that party” won’t call for impeachment. She used the hashtags #RacistInChief and #RacistPresident.

Since her initial tweets sent out on Sunday, Monáe has retweeted messages in support of the four congresswomen and other tweets regarding social justice movements, such as Noname’s tweet supporting the preservation of Nina Simone’s childhood home.

Monáe is currently on tour, playing festivals in Europe, and will play at Lollapalooza next month.

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