Kevn Kinney: Pre-Approved Pre-Denied

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Kevn Kinney: Pre-Approved Pre-Denied

Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ frontman steps it up on eighth solo album

Kevn Kinney successfully expresses his frustration about the current state of the economy without preaching as he recites “I’m afraid to check the mailbox / between the bills, collections hide” to the tune of his acoustic guitar. The album mixes gentleness with a unique outlook on reality that becomes increasingly pessimistic—sometimes to its demise. The highlights lie in electric guitar riffs through the background in the nostalgic “From Me to You” and the humor that leaks into the lyrics of “Which Jesus,” as Kinney sings about different types of Jesuses (and those who preach about him). The songs eventually become short anecdotes and poems fit for summer afternoons on the porch. Fully equipped with various string instruments and quite an opinion, Kinney calls it like it is throughout Pre-Approved Pre-Denied.

Listen to Kevin Kinney on MySpace.

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