Khruangbin Release Video For New Song “So We Won’t Forget”

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Khruangbin Release Video For New Song “So We Won’t Forget”

Houston trio Khruangbin are back with the release of their stunning single and accompanying video “So We Won’t Forget” off of their forthcoming album, Mordechai, out June 26. Mordechai will be the trio’s third album, not including Hasta el Cielo, a dub version of their second album Con Todo El Mundo.

“So We Won’t Forget” slowly eases into its glittering soundscape as Laura Lee Ochoa’s vocals drift in over a disco-funk bass and syncopated drums, creating a mesmerizing groove that somehow makes you both want to dance and cry all at once. Although Khruangbin is primarily known for their instrumental work, Mordechai is posed to be their first album that grants vocals an equal footing to instrumentation. As suggested in its title, the track is primarily focused lyrically on memory and its subsequent impermanence. Says Khruangbin, “Memory is a powerful thing. Now more more than ever it’s important to tell the people you love them that you love them, so that they don’t forget.” Directed by Scott Dungate, the accompanying video is a narrative jigsaw puzzle of nostalgia and longing. Contrasting aesthetics with thematics, teddy bears and blossoming cherry trees juxtapose the heart-wrenching visual storyline.

Alongside the release of “So We Won’t Forget,” Khruangbin also announced the relaunching of their fan-favorite playlist generator “AirKhruang” (now called Shelter in Space), which will generate playlists for an individual based on their choice of quarantine activity such as drinking, dressing up and cooking. If anyone’s got our backs during this pandemic, it’s Khruangbin.

Watch the video for “So We Won’t Forget” below:

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