Lael Neale Shares Video for “For No One For Now”

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Lael Neale Shares Video for “For No One For Now”

Recent Sub Pop signee Lael Neale shared the video for her new song “For No One For Now.”

“For No One For Now” was inspired by Joan Didion’s imagery of the San Fernando Valley, but recrafted beautifully through Neale’s poetic songwriting and Omnichord instrumental. The video showcases old wedding footage and highway scenes, which imbue a sense of longing for something far away.

I’ve always loved these stretches of road where the magic of the city seems hemmed in by the mundane,” Neale says of the new song. “I am enjoying the strong contrast between the songs I wrote and recorded in California and the videos I am making for them in Virginia. It offers something unexpected.”

Watch the video for “For No One For Now” below.

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