My Bloody Valentine Are Teasing Something

It's almost certainly not that new album, though

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My Bloody Valentine Are Teasing Something

Irish shoegaze titans My Bloody Valentine posted their first tweet since September 2018 on Monday afternoon, sharing an enigmatic teaser video that has stirred up the internet and thrown more fuel on an already-raging rumor fire.

The video, which the band also shared via Instagram, consists only of a visualizer set to their m b v track “only tomorrow.” It includes no concrete information except what appears to be a date: “31 03,” or March 31, this Wednesday.

A rep for the band confirmed the teaser’s authenticity, but couldn’t shed any further light on what the band is up to. (We’ll update this post if that changes.)

We wouldn’t blame you for wishfully thinking, “Maybe this means they’re finally releasing that new album they’ve been talking about for years!” But that’s almost certainly not the case. In fact, Reddit sleuths would appear to have already cracked this case, even before the band’s teaser went live: A Redditor on r/indieheads has assembled various speculative breadcrumbs suggesting that My Bloody Valentine’s complete music catalog will be returning to streaming services worldwide, after all but their first two albums, Isn’t Anything and Loveless, were removed for reasons that remain unclear.

Listen to “only tomorrow” below and stay tuned for further MBV updates.

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