Pardoner Release New Single “Spike” Ahead of Came Down Different

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Pardoner Release New Single “Spike” Ahead of Came Down Different

Bay Area band Pardoner have started a new chapter in their career. Following their signing with Bar/None Records, they’ve put out two stellar singles in “Donna Said” and Wednesday’s release, “Spike.” The songs come ahead of their third album, Came Down Different, out May 14.

“Spike” finds Pardoner leaning into their punk influences, opening with a whirlwind of call-and-response guitars on the short, fast-paced track. Singer Max Freeland shouts out provocative lyrics (“They want twice the results in half of the time”) while the band thrashes against exploitative bosses who break the backs of their employees for an extra dollar.

The band said of “Spike” in a statement:

“Spike” is about going to your job and making money for your boss. It’s one of the faster, more punk adjacent tracks on the record. We were all pretty messed up on kind bud when we wrote it, I think trey may have even been drinking a Mountain Dew at the time …

Listen to “Spike” below.

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