Experimental Jazz Band Sunwatchers Share New Single “Love Paste”

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Experimental Jazz Band Sunwatchers Share New Single “Love Paste”

Experimental jazz band Sunwatchers have shared a new single, “Love Paste,” from their forthcoming album Oh Yeah?, out on April 10 via Trouble in Mind Records. Paste recently featured Sunwatchers on our list of 10 NYC Bands You Need to Know in 2020.

“Love Paste” is a vortex of sputtering saxophone and circling guitar riffs, and once you’ve locked into the groove, your surroundings will start to disappear. It’s as if there’s no past or future—all that has ever existed is this jazz trance. By the time this instrumental outfit starts soloing, you’re fully engrossed but still uncovering more layers of mystifying technicality.

“‘Love Paste’ is the fluid in which the communal instincts we are born with are nourished and protected,” says guitarist/electric phin player Jim McHugh. “‘Love Paste’ instigates and fuels our fight against oppressive forces and their dehumanizing psycho-emotional hegemonies. ‘Love Paste’ keeps our feet on the ground and on the march. I think it’s made in the spleen before it travels through the heart.”

Listen to “Love Paste” below.

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