The Family Crest Release 12-Hour Music Video for “Never Gonna Stop” in Honor of New Tour

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The Family Crest Release 12-Hour Music Video for “Never Gonna Stop” in Honor of New Tour

San Francisco’s The Family Crest this week kicked off an 11-date headlining summer tour in support of their new LP The War: Act 1, and in honor of the occasion they’ve released an aura-visual oddity: A 12-hour music video for the aptly titled song “Never Gonna Stop.” Running in an endless loop that may initially seem to simply repeat every four and a half minutes, the video actually changes subtly with each run-through, being constructed out of more than 20 unique versions of the same scenes. As a parody of the kind of old movies and TV shows one might see while channel-surfing at 3 a.m., the overall effect reminds one of watching a classic satire in the vein of The Kentucky Fried Movie or Amazon Women on the Moon.

“Originally, I wanted ‘Never Gonna Stop’ to be mixed in a way that, if placed on repeat, it could theoretically play forever,” said vocalist Liam McCormick in an interview with Billboard. “We eventually decided that the track worked better with a clear ending, but that desire for a never-ending track stayed with me. At the same time, Laura [Bergmann] had the idea of doing a video for ‘Never Gonna Stop’ based on an aerobics workout concept (starring John) and I thought that was hilarious.”

The effect is a hypnotic descent into aimless nights spent on the couch, with segments that reference the likes of Full House, Star Trek, The X-Files, QVC shopping infomercials and The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

“To be honest, we went in with a general concept for each scene, but each scene is almost 100 percent improvised,” said McCormick in the same interview. “It was so much fun to shoot. In the end I think we came up with around 30 ideas and shot over the course of about three days.”

Check out the never-ending video for “Never Gonna Stop” below, and the remaining dates in The Family Crest’s tour via the band’s website. You can also see one of the band’s blistering sessions in the Paste Studio below.

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