Daily Dose: Trevor Sensor, “Andy Warhol’s Dream”

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Daily Dose: Trevor Sensor, “Andy Warhol’s Dream”

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At first glance, naming your record Andy Warhol’s Dream may seem a little presumptuous. But Trevor Sensor’s forthcoming debut album—out June 16 via Jagjaguwar—isn’t so much a statement about its quality or aesthetic as it is about the legendary artist’s views on fame. “His ‘15 minutes of fame’ prediction is clearly visible today,” Sensor says in a statement. “I’m only really referencing Warhol as a vehicle for the ultimate representation of celebrity culture because of his repeated Marilyn Monroe or Elvis paintings or whatever. But now we’re in a post-God society that is finding new golden calves to worship, that is moving beyond that.”

After earlier tunes The Money Gets Bigger” and High Beams, we now finally have the album’s title track. Produced by Richard Swift and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, “Andy Warhol’s Dream” features imagery you might expect like “shiny Lou Reed dancing in the drunken moonlight” over driving piano. Sensor’s distinct vocals lend just the right amount of grit and weariness, alluding to the notion that while “everybody wants to dream,” not everyone’s will necessarily come true.

“The song acts as a centerpiece for the album, but only as a mirror—reflecting and highlighting what has already been said and will be said,” Sensor says. “It encaptures the dream that’s bred into us—the dream that feeds off the weaker parts of our humanity. This mirror shows us who we are—our sober, naked selves. The world has become silver and chrome. Everyone is plastic, everything is broken and everybody wants to dream.”

Listen to “Andy Warhol’s Dream” below. The album of the same name will be out via Jagjaguwar on June 16.

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