Tune-Yards Share Remix of “Honesty,” Announce New Remixes EP

The EP comes in the midst of their tour with David Byrne

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Tune-Yards Share Remix of “Honesty,” Announce New Remixes EP

Tune-Yards have shared “Honesty (Suzi Analogue Remix),” the first track from their forthcoming remix EP. Suzi Analogue’s contribution is our first preview of …creep…Remixes, which will also feature Sylvan Esso, ET.PATXKEISHH and U.S. Girls putting their own spin on tracks from Tune-Yards’ latest album, I can feel you creep into my private life.

Suzi Analogue’s “Honesty” remix pushes the vocal beat-building of the original into a realm of almost purely digital manipulation. The weirdly uncanny-valley effect of lead singer Merrill Garbus’ voice as instrument has always been a strong point of the band—you know it’s her voice, even when it’s being used as a synthesizer or whatever, which is what makes their music so strangely fun.

Analogue takes that experiment to its zenith on her rework. Garbus’ voice is flattened and stretched until it becomes a digital squelch, almost trance-like. It truly becomes an instrument, one that gives the song an urgent drive that was nowhere to be found on the original. That’s part of the remix’s power: It downplays Garbus’ melodic flourishes to uncover the skittering IDM track that was hiding just under the surface.

Tune-Yards will be touring with David Byrne and U.S. Girls for the remainder of the year—find those dates here. The band recently released “Mango,” a collaboration with Sorry to Bother You star Lakeith Stanfield.

Listen to “Honesty (Suzi Analogue Remix)” below. …creep…Remixes will roll out one song at a time, with new tracks debuting every other Wednesday via 4AD.

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