Valley Queen Release Ethereal New Single, “Supergiant”

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Valley Queen Release Ethereal New Single, “Supergiant”

Los Angeles-based Valley Queen released a new single and music video from their debut album Supergiant today.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Natalie Carol hails from Little Rock, Ark., and her singing reflects a version of the blues native to the region. Carol went west to California for college and, as so many college students do, discovered Led Zeppelin. She started a band that blended the two styles together—brash, fuzzed-out guitars meet Carol’s occasional twang for a new take on Californian country. Valley Queen is Neil Young meets Florence Welch.

The new single “Supergiant” (and the eponymous forthcoming album it’s featured on) takes its title from the brightest stars in the universe—which happen to burn the fastest. “The song ‘Supergiant’ is about how we’re all made up of the same stuff as stars, and I liked the idea of tying the whole album together with that metaphor,” said Carol. ““It takes all the drama you hear on the record—the aggressive, chaotic moments, and the more beautiful or quieter moments—and puts it all into a more galactic perspective.”

There’s certainly a grandeur to “Supergiant,” emphasized as Carol sings of Edens lost and ethereal imagery. “I know you can’t attach to all that attracts you / But I’ve seen the face of God / It was right here and now it’s gone,” she sings. In a nod to the (at least by space standards) fast life cycle of supergiant stars, the song is bright and airy, even as Carol bemoans an impending end.

“It can be really painful and isolating to go through something that doesn’t really look like anybody else’s experience but your own,” said Carol of the album. ““But ultimately that’s part of the beautiful orchestration of being alive—instead of trying to go around that experience, you need to go fully into it.”

Supergiant will be released on July 13. Check out the video for “Supergiant” below, along with Valley Queen’s 2016 Daytrotter Session and upcoming tour dates.

Valley Queen Tour Dates:

05 — Winnipeg, Canada @ Winnipeg Folk Festival
06 — Winnipeg, Canada @ Winnipeg Folk Festival
07 — Winnipeg, Canada @ Winnipeg Folk Festival
08 — Winnipeg, Canada @ Winnipeg Folk Festival
28 — Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Moroccan Lounge

01 — San Francisco, Calif. @ Cafe du Nord
02 — Davis, Calif. @ Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
03 — Happy Valley, Ore. @ Pickathon
04 — Happy Valley, Ore. @ Pickathon
05 — Happy Valley, Ore. @ Pickathon
07 — Seattle, Wash. @ Sunset Tavern
08 — Spokane, Wash. @ The Bartlett
09 — Missoula, Mont. @ Top Hat Lounge
11 — Denver, Colo. @ Lost Lake Lounge
12 — Salt Lake City, Utah @ Kilby Court
15 — San Luis Obispo, Calif. @ SLO Brew

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