Garden City P&P


Garden City is a central hub for Christian innovation on the web! In addition to developing artistic and innovative projects alongside those that share our vision to help God's people grow in their worship and in their mission, we are constantly innovating new things to help the church and the body accomplish the Great Commission in all realms of society.

In addition we build musical, artistic, and innovative projects with those from all over the globe. We network to provide lessons, collaborative opportunities, and development for many artistic pursuits. Our network hosts teachers and innovators that collectively have taught and worked in music and arts for over 100+ years.

In addition to providing a place to collaborate on various projects, we teach beginner to advanced students in guitar, bass, piano/keys, voice, drums/percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, woodwinds, brass, photography, audio recording, painting/landscape/charcoal/watercolor/portrait and more.We also partner with the world's biggest web platform for guitar instruction, and teach lessons alongside those from Berkeley, Musician's Institute, and Full Sail, as well with many very famous artists that are now in the music business.Though we've had the fortune to work with some of the best in studios, as a songwriter, players, and in education, both professional and informal, we love most to teach entry level players up through the intermediate levels the most. We enjoy watching people discover things for the first time, and in our teaching we really do our best to craft our lessons to the needs of the students. Our primary aim in teaching is that we would cultivate in our students a love for music and learning. With these two things in place, a student can go on to be and learn anything. Join Garden City. We'll have a great time, and we'll get you to your goals while we're enjoying the journey of music together!!