Peter Nevland

For fans of:Toby Mac, Gungor, Delirious

The writers of the Psalms didn't think like us. They didn't look at the world through western culture. They rhymed their thoughts, intended their work to be heard, often with music, and used symbols and place names that shocked and captivated all who heard them in their time. They were never meant to be read silently, analyzed scientifically or proven intellectually. They're works of art, the best songs and poetry collected from 1000 years of Jewish culture.

To grasp what the writers were saying we have to learn to think like they thought. When we do, they spring to life. They punch us in the face with raw emotion, stunning artistry and spiritual depth that's anything but a simplistic view of who God is. To coincide with the release of the first book 'Exposing The Psalms' we'd like to give you a taster of some Psalm inspired music. Enjoy as the feast begins