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Best Free Software

Best Free Software by Adedayo Adekunle
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This guide is dedicated towards exploring free software and all that it encompasses, various aspect of computing has been affected by freeware and the best tools in each category will be examined as well as the tools you should avoid.

Free software is awesome but it has become very difficult to download the software and use it without encountering any problems. A lot of websites put fake download buttons that cause you to download a totally different program. While installing the software you will be prompted to install all manner of junk that usually change your browser search engine, home page, install needless toolbars and make other unauthorized changes to your system.

Sometimes they use trick questions to get you to install the extra software, questions such as Do you want to meet single women? Some of this crap is also bundled in screen savers and some trashy games. When you are installing software be cautious, don’t just click on any box, a lot of programs are bundled with needless additions and they are already ticked, if you encounter such options don’t tick them during installation, if you have already installed the needless software you can uninstall it later

Also be wary of websites or tools that claim that your system has thousands of errors, they usually trick you into running a free scan and it reports that your PC is running slow or it is full of errors. It then recommends you to install their program to remove the errors, don’t fall for this scam, don’t install the program. For more information on how to deal with these issues check out the chapter on how to download software safely.

Since we spend a lot of time online, web based applications are also covered. These programs do not need to be installed on your computer, you just to need to access them online.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Adedayo Adekunle.Thanks for viewing my page

I write guides to help you solve problems you encounter when using Windows, mobile and web apps so that you can be more productive.

I also share my thoughts on:

Using technology productively

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