Adrian Peters

Clone City

Clone City by Adrian Peters
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Jack London, Isaac Asimov, Joseph Conrad
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Print Length147 pages
PublisherAmazon and ePub publishers
Publication Date6/15/17
About the Book

Clone City is a dystopian SF thriller that narrates the story of a city whose inhabitants believe it is the last civilized outpost of humankind. The city’s name is Joypolis.

The story begins at the time when Joypolitans believe they have overcome all the challenges of their turbulent past. In a world devastated by the impact of asteroids, they believe their survival was thanks to a single act of monumental importance – the decision to clone.

Three hundred years earlier, the scientists who founded the settlement decided they had to clone to avoid extinction. They argued that only by doing so could they create a workforce large enough to transform their settlement into a bright, modern city. Only this, they argued, would bring joy back into the hearts of a population that was failing to reproduce.

Because clone numbers would far exceed their own, they thought it best to separate them from ‘true’ human by conditioning them for the duties they would perform. Combining ground-breaking advances in how language is processed in the brain with a program of indoctrination, they created a compliant labour force.

Initially, there was outrage and opposition. But as the settlement was transformed into an ultra-modern city, resistance grew less. The lives of citizens became more and more comfortable and they accepted media’s portrayal of their segregated society as unfortunate, but unavoidable.

But the repercussions of this act are about to unravel in a way that no one could have foreseen. First, the dismembered arm of a clone is discovered. Second, the murder of a high-ranking politician. A deconstructing clone is arrested, but the Head of Security fears something far, far worse…

About the Author

I was born in Plymouth, England, and, like my dad who was in the navy, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling. Presently, I live in Japan near the ocean. When I have a chance, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, swimming, gardening and growing, yoga, listening to music and, of course, reading lots of books. Job-wise, I’ve taught English to kids, English as a foreign language and linguistics to university students. I’m working part-time now at a university in Tokyo and I’m happy to say that gives me plenty of time to write.

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